2017 Corporate Counsel Forum Singapore

Corporate Counsel Forum Singapore

 Thursday 23 November 2017

08:00         Registration 

09:00         Chairman Opening Remarks  

                    Stanley Parkmanaging director & head of legal APAC, Scotiabank 

                  Welly Tantonocountry counsel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

9:10   Shaking up the industry: how tech savy lawyers stay relevant and guide companies to success 

With a constantly evolving technological and digital world, the role of the General Counsel is increasingly being reshaped, and in-house are having to put their digital and commercial hats on. This session will examine how General Counsel can enable innovation and have an impact on growing their company. 

This lively panel will discuss:
  • Technology trends and developments including perspective on ecommerce, the media and transport
  • Modern day deal making and partnerships, including speed, fundraising, collaborations and lawyers handling of commercial matters
  • How Lawyers add value to companies beyond just the law with particular discussion of Government Relations, Crisis Management and Communications, Media Relations, Coalition Building and the role of lawyers as Mediators and Networkers
  • Adapting to keep up with the demands of fast growing businesses in a dynamic landscape
  • Acquisitions and Exits (IPOs, ICOs, M/As) with particular discussion of the challenges, strategies and stages
  • Myth busting: How working in tech is different than what the media portrays it to be
Christopher Chan, general counsel and head of government affairs, RedMArt

Gladys Chun, general counsel, Lazada

Kemin Ngiam, director, Netflix 

09:55   Case study: is your company equipped to handle an investigation? 

This session will consider how best a company should handle corruption and bribery within your company. What compliance structures need to be in place and what do in-house need to consider? Using a real life example, this session will delve into best practice in handling regulators and an investigation.

  • A real life perspective: handling investigations within your team
  • What to expect from an investigation: strategies & functions to have in place
  • Best practice: the best compliance framework to prevent anti-corruption and anti-bribery
  • The importance of health checks and monitoring your internal functions: ensuring your company survives 

Neil McInnes, partner, Pinsent Masons Mpillay

10:35         Refreshment break and networking
11:00   Streamed Session OneSelect from the following: 

 A:    Responding to Anti-Money Laundering without breaking the bank

With increasing expectations from regulators and the complexity of using outside suppliers, remaining compliant becomes increasingly difficult and budgetary constraints only adds to this. This session will study the do’s and don’ts when handling an AML case, and how you protect yourself from third parties, including:

  • Managing third party risk & supplier due diligence
  • What the regulator expects vs what in-house can achieve
  • Case study: best practice for dealing with AML
  • A sharpened focus on AML enforcement
  • Market manipulation and insider trading

B:    The next frontier: enhancing your legal department through technology 

We’ve talked about GCs become innovative and tech savy, but how can this infiltrate into your team? How can technology be used to enhance your department, outsourcing and efficiency? What benefits can AI and technology bring to your day to day? This interactive, workshop style session will discuss:

  • Skills & tools to develop and look for when building your team
  • How can legal departments utilise Artificial Intelligence?
  • Managing your resources: how technology is enhancing work flow management
  • Online contracts using Artificial Intelligence
  • How is AI going to impact the delivery of services?
  • Case study of an operational success story

Chek Tsang Foo general counsel, Asia Pacific, Dimension Data 

C:    Leadership, building effective teams and making the jump

Having a strong, motivated and proactive team is key to any company’s success - building strong leaders within your team is even more essential. This session will examine various tools and strategies for developing your team and will assess how leaders can create and expand business capability. It will also consider how best to manage cross functional teams as well as the importance of incorporating diversity and inclusion. Finally the session leaders will look at the skills required for great leadership, concluding with how the General Counsel can move into the ultimate leading role of CEO. 

11:55   A case study from the frontline: terminating a difficult employee – from detection and investigation to termination 
For in-house, navigating the various employment laws of South East Asia is proving increasingly complex and challenging. This session will look at how best to handle this, including an examination of wrongful dismissals and what constitutes a fair dismissal. What must the employer prove when terminating an employee and what steps should be place to enable you to spot unethical conduct in the workplace. Finally the panel will end with a discussion on how to prepare for and conduct that difficult meeting. 

Carlos Estrada, head of legal, compliance and special projects, Asia Pacific, Adecco Group

Stephen Trevis, managing director, legal, Barclays 

 12:40        Lunch and networking 

13:40   Preventing Cybercrime: stepping up your security strategy 

In this digital and technical world, companies are becoming increasingly at risk of cyber threats including hacking, fake content and data breaches. With an increase of risk comes an increase in regulation and companies are feeling the pressure to step up their cyber security.

  • What steps should you have in place to protect your company’s cyber?  
  • How far is the legal office accountable for cyber security?
  • Understanding regulator expectation and the steps that should be in place
  • Identifying and dealing with fake content, fraud and hacking
  • Are you prepared for a ransomware threat against your company?
  • Creating alertness and mindfulness to cybercrime in your employees

Mary Jo Schrade, assistant general counsel and regional director, digital crimes unit, Microsoft Operations

Aruna Withane, APAC strategic trust lead, data privacy and compliance, Google 


14:25   Streamed session two 

Select from the following:

A:    Lessons from the headlines: handling data privacy leaks and data compliance

Data leaks are everywhere, companies are constantly at risk of their data being hacked and released to the world. How equipped are you to handle this crisis? What steps need to be in place and how can you ensure your data is protected? Key considerations of this interactive session will include:

  • Has IT taken over the privacy agenda?
  • Best practice: dealing with data leaks
  • Localisation of data v having data on the cloud
  • What is the right level of compliance
  • Crisis management considerations – planning for the worst 

B:    Introducing a new framework for selecting a dispute resolution mechanism

This session will introduce a new framework for selecting a dispute resolution mechanism, looking at various mediation models and guidelines. Key topics this session will examine include: 

  • Assessing the wrongful use of litigation: when is litigation an appropriate response?
  • Handling cross border treaties: Dealing with a complicated political landscape 
  • Is mediation the best method for handling disputes? Examining the pros and cons
  • Managing Third party funding
  • How should corporate lawyers and litigators select a dispute resolution mechanism? 
  • Analysing the effectiveness of applying different types of dispute resolution to the same case 

C:    Understanding Fintech: Is it relevant for General Counsel?

Financial technology is rapidly evolving and will take a huge role as Singapore moves to become a smart nation. But what does this evolution mean in real terms for General Counsel? How much impact will Fintech have on your day to day? This workshop style session will discuss: 

  • The benefits and risks of digital payments and a cashless world: Keeping your company relevant
  • Understanding the principles of blockchain
  • The enforceability of smart contracts
  • The software benefits of Fintech: filling functionality gaps
  • How technology is impacting on the role of the GC
  • Fintech and Compliance violations: the absence of detailed receipts versus generic descriptions
Abraham A. Tachjian, director, digital banking, Standard Chartered Bank 

15:20     Refreshment break 

15:40   What it means for the General Counsel to be a business partner today 
The role of the General Counsel is ever changing, and being a good lawyer isn't enough anymore. Now a GC has to consider risk, strategy, carry business skills and be a business partner to the CEO and board. How does this fit in today's world? What are the implications for in-house and the company? This panel of industry specialists will examine: 
  • Establishing trust and credibility as a foundation
  • Evaluating local behaviour and market practice
  • Growing business whilst wearing your legal and compliance hat
  • Facilitating & managing cross border trade
  • Thinking strategically whilst considering the law
  • A business leader with a law degree vs a lawyer in the business 

Faz Hussen, general counsel & director, legal & government relations, McDonald's 

Jasmine Karimisenior director and counsel APAC, Illumina

Patience Bin, general counsel and chief compliance officer, APAC, Avon 

Tony Dent, director, legal affairs - Asia Pacific, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

16:25   Keynote Q&A: Moving beyond the role of GC - do you have the key qualities and attributes needed to progress?
In this Q&A session, a top head-hunter will discuss what qualities and attributes CEOs and are looking for and what skills are necessary as GC’s transition to the next stage of their career. What are the traditional career paths and transition plans GC’s should have in mind, especially when considering multi-national companies not headquartered in Asia. How can GC’s ensure they have the attributes necessary to influence and take their place in the boardroom? We fully encourage audience participation in this interactive session. 

17:00    End of conference